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Fasten Your Seat Belts: With the BGL & Associates, LLC New Digs, You are in for One Astonishing Ride

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

If you enjoyed Beth’s home office/studio, wait until you experience Beth’s new business office in Golden Valley. Not only has her space more than tripled (from 400 to 2200 sq ft), but you will also enjoy expanded offerings to better meet your needs, too. If you loved the “homey atmosphere,” fear not. Her couch is coming, too, and along with it a lounge space to relax.

Why the move and added space? To serve you better. For example, in the new BGL office there is a “scanning room” for scanning photos and documents. Meanwhile, there is a separate locked storage room for client materials. There is also a much larger 900 sq ft work room/studio for BGL events. This will include a large TV-screen for virtual participants – as good as being there.

Of course, there will be a separate kitchen space, and the lounge area will greet clients as they enter. What is really nice?? No more stairs to climb. This is one-level living, working, and playing. No staircases to negotiate with arms full of materials and projects. Easy-peasy, right?

Doggone Fun

Needless to say, Cari will continue in her oh-so-demanding role as CMO (Chief Morale Officer). She will remain at the ready for pets and belly rubs. Instant joy; unconditional love.


Later on, Beth may “co-op” some of her space for DREAM Team members to meet with their clients. Simply put, there is more room for more activities, more fun and more growth. Best of all, the new BGL office opens on February 1. Gentlewomen—and men—start your engines.

More, New and Better

So, you know about the new space, now how about what happens there? First, there will be more activities and workshops than ever before. For example, in 2021:

  • 4 Digital Days—eight hours of mastering FOREVER® or making projects with FOREVER®.

  • 11 SOS (Save, Organize, Share) Training Sessions—FREE.

  • 6 Virtual C&C Sessions—to learn more about the FOREVER® family of products and services.

  • 8 Friday Night Fun—No Frills Workshops.

  • 6 Project Workshops—day-long time for the activity of your choice.

  • 1 National Scrapbook & Projects Day.

  • Zoom Virtual Office Hours to check in and receive assistance from Beth.

  • Legacy Day—learn about protecting your photos, finances and assets.

  • Annual Pinot & Photos Presentation.

  • Camp Cropuhapi Project Retreats in Hinckley, MN and Lester Prairie, MN.

If you have the time, BGL has the time and the place. Be ready to take advantage of all the fun, learning and doing all the Events offered in 2021.

Talk About Cruise-Control

Our new web site ( also processes debit and credit cards. Fast and Easy! Clearly, in 2021, BGL & Associates, LLC puts you in the driver’s seat. Enjoy the ride.


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