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Our Story

I grew up in Rock County, Minnesota, where fields of towering corn and waving wheat meet red barns and peaceful prairies in the state’s Southwestern corner. It’s the home of Luverne, the town featured in Ken Burn’s hit PBS series, “The War,” and birthplace of world-renowned nature photographer Jim Brandenburg.

Like so many raised on a farm, I had “chores” at an early age. I tended to hogs and sheep followed by collecting eggs on a 35,000-hen egg-production farm. (The largest egg I ever collected had four yolks—poor hen!). So from the get-go I understood responsibilities and systems for making things happen.

At a age 11 I discovered how much I loved order. I arranged a color-coded closet by tops, pants, jackets and shoes. Even back then, I was passionate about organizing. At age eight I joined 4-H—and it transformed me. I sensed that preserving good memories preserved good feelings. To showcase these precious memories, I created my first scrapbook album—a passion that remains today.

4-H ignited my fervor for art. My hand-painted Bicentennial quilt took Reserve Grand Champion at the county fair. That led to another 4-H skill and life-long passion: photography. A true photo enthusiast, I preserved all my school portraits, as well as report cards and memorabilia, since kindergarten. Now they’re a treasured legacy! My career in memory preservation and celebration had early roots.

In 4-H I also learned to communicate and lead effectively. When I served as our 4-H club president, I quickly realized that my innate talents of leadership, organization and systems were a windfall for others. I also gained a sense of accomplishment helping others to succeed. I loved it. This continued in college and throughout my adult life.

After working in finance and estate planning, my passions of organization and photo preservation became my career. I combined all my talents: leadership, organization, art, photography and photo memory preservation. As a consultant with a direct sales company, Creative Memories, I achieved Top 10 sales consultant status in a unit of 1200 people. I’m also a Certified Personal Photo Organizer. I transform family photos into treasured family legacies.

Soon people sought my help with organizing, event planning, coaching, public speaking and more. I feel enormous satisfaction bringing joy and growth to my clients. Here’s a sampling of what they say:

I can say unequivocally that my business would not be as successful today as it is without the guidance and mentoring of Beth Lilja…. Her [Beth’s] knowledge and expertise as an entrepreneur was invaluable to me….

Beth is the consummate professional! She is kind and thoughtful, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. She knows her
stuff and the business. (Click here to review testimonials.)

Whether it’s personal or professional growth you seek, I’m here for you. My mission is to enhance your life and/or excel your business growth, or to help you preserve your precious family memories.

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Meet The Team


Beth Gibson Lilja

Founder and Owner

Teresa Day

Operations Manager

Marjorie Simon

Caribbean Lilja

Laura Richters

Public Relations Manager

Photo Operations Specialist

Chief Morale Officer

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