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How to Enrich Your Life with More Experiences and Less Stuff

Whether or not your garage resembles this cartoon, the question remains: Why do we have so much stuff—and what are we going to do with it? Truth is, Americans are obsessed with “stuff “, and it’s much to our detriment.

Relationships or Stuff?

Psychology Today suggests materialism does not lead to happiness. That’s because the more we focus on stuff, the less we focus on relationships and experiences—and those nurture happiness.

7 Steps to Reduce Materialism

So how do we change our mindset? Clever Girl Finance suggests:

  • Reduce social media time.

  • Value experiences over material things.

  • Practice gratitude.

  • Declutter your living space.

  • Indulge in healthy hobbies: outdoors, crafting, painting, helping others, etc.

  • Shift your focus to others’ well-being.

  • Realize you can’t take it with you.

Clutter Negates Peace-Of-Mind

As a professional organizer, I know that cluttered homes nurture cluttered minds. But memorable experiences enrich minds—and memories. As the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology says, "Spending on doing promotes more moment-to-moment happiness than spending on having."

Need proof? Do your photos capture more things, or people and places? As a professional photo manager, I bet it’s the latter. No wonder I promote less stuff and more experiences. And how lucky are we that Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented the camera in 1816? Ever wonder how many photos have been taken since then?

Memorialize Your Experiences with Photos

So as summer winds down and fall approaches, let’s resolve to focus more on others for a happier, more fulfilling life. Just keep your camera ready. The BGL & Associates, LLC team is always ready to assist you with how to organize and preserve all your new-found memories—as well as the old ones.

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