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A Better Way to Preserve Memories Online

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

If you store photos online, you’ve likely experienced the wild bronco-like ride from that rodeo: ever-changing rules, scary deadlines, and new fees. The old saying, “The only thing that is constant, is change,” definitely applies to online photo storage rental.

For example, Shutterfly® recently changed its photo storage terms. They issued an email saying inactive accounts (no orders in 18 months) will be deleted March 29, 2023.

One Boston-area woman missed the email. She looked for her photos. After seeing none, she contacted Shutterfly® who verified her photos were deleted. Twenty years of photos—gone.

NBC to the Rescue—For a Short Time

So, she contacted NBC-TV Boston. The trauma was epic. “It feels like a death, because everything was all there,” she said. “I’m completely devastated.” They investigated. Shutterfly ultimately restored the photos and extended the deadline to May 30, 2023.

While NBC saved the day, you never know when your rental photo storage terms will change, and most exempt themselves from any loss or damage. The inevitable questions:

  1. Is online storage rental worth the ever-changing risks?

  2. What choice do I have?

Photo Storage Ownership: A Monumental Option

Fortunately, you do have a choice. I recommend—and use—storage you buy, not rent: FOREVER® (, a permanent home for your memories. FOREVER® stores photos, videos, documents, and memorabilia. By digitizing your special memories, you not only own your easily accessed and shared photos, but you can also save incredible space at home. Best of all, FOREVER® has an endowment fund to cover all preservation costs.

Here’s why I recommend FOREVER®:

Permanence with Guaranteed Storage – FOREVER® guarantees the safety of your photos for your lifetime, plus 100 years via its Guarantee Fund. Consider FOREVER® an “insurance policy” for your family memories.

Real Privacy – No data mining. No advertising. You retain all digital rights and decide who can see your photos. FOREVER® will never sell your information, ever!

Full Resolution – Keep your photos the way they were created: crisp and beautiful. FOREVER® will also update file formats over time so your file formats are never obsolete. There is no compression of the digital images.

Ownership Instead of “Renting” – When you rent storage, you pay for it monthly. FOREVER® lets you own your storage and pass it along to future generations.

Ease of Use – Upload your photos from anywhere, organize into albums and tags and easily put your photos into high-quality printed photo books. Collaborative albums are an excellent feature to allow multiple people to upload during events – class reunions, trips, family reunions, company events, etc.

All That, and More

FOREVER® accounts can hold videos, pdfs, and audio. The videos can be viewed directly in the account with the additional purchase of the streaming service (a monthly, annual or lifetime fee). Please note this is not a required service to maintain the account.

The company also offers digital media conversion and will automatically add the media to your account, provided you have enough storage. You will then be asked if you would like to purchase more storage.

So put that online storage bucking bronco out to pasture. Consider the benefits of FOREVER® storage, then add peace of mind.


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