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Your Holiday Shopping Done—with Digitized Scrapbooks for All

How did this happen? It’s mid-October and here come the holidays. This year, how about gifts for friends and family that won’t use an ou

nce of space, but will provide joy for generations to come? Now you can with FOREVER® Guaranteed Storage.

Digitized Scrapbooks

I’m talking about digitizing your precious scrapbooks. You’ve created and stored them, but how to pass them on? Simple: Give everyone all the books—in digitized format—now. Why make them wait for a future time, when they could be sharing love and laughter 24-7, starting this holiday season?

You’ll eliminate hard feelings because everyone gets them all, with 24-7 access. Whenever they want to be touched by a special memory, or laugh at that special occasion, your collection is awaiting them online in guaranteed storage you own.

A Cure for the Time-Crunched Shopper

No time? That’s the beauty of FOREVER®. They do the work for you. FOREVER® Digitization Services will scan every single page of your scrapbook you want preserved digitally and preserve it in an online album. You—and those you choose—get all of the joy with no hassle.

Bridging the Distant

Imagine your daughter in Europe or son in the military taking a break to recall heart-warming occasions from the collection you’ve curated in your FOREVER® storage account. How fun to make distant memories so immediate when they’re so far away.

You can have them digitized in their current format. Or you can curate a “Best of the Best” digital scrapbook by extracting pages from various books. Turn them into new topics.

Digital Scrapbooks and Much More

The scanned pages become j-pegs to use on invitations or calendars, or all sorts of things. FOREVER® digitizes them properly for optimum results. Best of all, if your original scrapbooks are ever lost in a flood or fire

—you’ve got them completely backed up. How’s that for relief?

Perfect Holiday Gifts

Sound perfect? Get started NOW. Make this the holiday you’ve always craved: more holiday gatherings and less last-minute shopping for hard-to-please people. Only shared memories they’ll savor at their convenience, and you can enjoy together. We can certainly help you create a special gift package which includes how to view these precious family memories. Make this a genuinely happy holiday with help from BGL & Associates, LLC.

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