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Save on Uninterrupted Creative or Task Time

with BGL & Associates, LLC STUDIOescape™ Club Membership

Our STUDIOescape™ TIMEaway™ sessions mean time to conquer your to-do list or creative passions. And you’ll do it amidst like-minded friends—sans interruptions. STUDIOescape™ Membership Plans now provide discounts to save you money on not only TIMEaway™ sessions every month but also our quarterly TWINCITIESdigitalday™ and annual National Scrapbook Day events.

Interruptions seem to dictate our lives. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Interruptions can... make you feel insignificant and unimportant…” And, of course, they interfere with getting stuff done. Who needs that? Not you.

Get it Done with STUDIOescape™ Membership Plans

BGL & Associates, LLC specializes in helping people get stuff done and unleashing creative prowess. Our events prove busy people want more uninterrupted time, so we formed our STUDIOescape™ Membership Plans. It’s an annual membership running from your start date to a year later. There are three plans available to meet your specific needs: basic, standard, or premium.

The Basic Package includes:

  • $25 off one monthly TIMEaway™ 6-hour workshop each month

The Standard Package includes:

  • The basic package

  • $10 discount on early-bird event registrations

  • Yearly brunch

The Premium Package includes:

  • The basic package

  • The standard package

  • Special membership plan workshop

You can check out the Membership Plans in full on our website:

Having Fun Getting Things Done

STUDIOescape™ provides a large space with one large table per person. Imagine spreading out your project(s)—whether work, home, or hobby. Then, dig in without interruptions (no kids; no dogs; no partner asking for the fifth time if you're done). Now, add an environment where others do the same. You enjoy a built-in support group (when you want it) and time and space to ignite creative juices.

Some participants are now lifelong friends. One knits. Another organizes paperwork. An E-Bay pro used the large table to organize merchandise. Still others work on photo projects. And another client laid out quilt squares. And there’s free advice—when you want it.

New York Times best-selling author and coach Harrison Monarth says that one reason people can’t get things done is because they lack distraction-free zones.

Don’t Miss Out

Ensure you have an ongoing distraction-free zone. Join one of the STUDIOescape™ Membership Plans today. Then relish those monthly gatherings of productivity, fun, friends and “Me Time.” Enroll today—and smile as you see your projects come to life and your to-do list disappear.


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