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What Ancestral Secrets Will You Discover?

Whether you watch the PBS hit series, “Finding Your Roots,” or know someone who is into genealogy, you know we learn amazing things about our ancestors when we study them. Those things often hint at why we are the way we are and do what we do. Studying our family’s past also can:

Boost Emotional Health

Emory University researchers determined that… “the more children knew about their families, the stronger their sense of control over their lives. They also had higher self-esteem...”

Increase Compassion

Learning more about our family roots strengthens our sense of self and appreciation for our heritage. In addition, genealogy reveals cultural components and traditions of our ancestors and strengthens family connections as well.

To assist you in discovering your ancestral secrets:

FOREVER® Family Research: Family History without Drudgery

I use FOREVER® Family Research and found it’s simple to learn more about my ancestors, acquire photos and documents, and store them permanently in my FOREVER® Guranteed Storage account to share with family and friends.

While some have time to dig into their history, life is full for me right now. Others want information, but don’t enjoy digging. This is why FOREVER® Family Research is a godsend. Their trained researchers dig for you, and then share hassle-free results.

I purchase five hours of research time per month which includes a 30-minute call with the researcher to discuss results. At that point I then decide what I want to learn next.

Free Offer

Want to learn how to unlock your family’s secrets—for free? Now is the perfect time. On February 24th, FOREVER® is hosting a Family History Virtual Event from 12-3 PM ET. You'll learn everything you need to begin. You’ll learn about DIY ancestry coaching which helps you unearth secrets or hire FOREVER® to research for you. Either way, you’ll complete the virtual session learning all you need to know about proceeding and safely storing the information for future generations. I’m honored to be a featured speaker for this event.

For me, FOREVER® Family Research gives me great joy, understanding and a stronger sense of self. For you? Well, that’s for you to discover, and I’m happy to help you. Come join me and see how easily you can discover your family history and enrich your life. I hope to see you there. Questions? Contact me. Mark your calendar: Saturday, February 24, noon ET.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” —Marcus Garvey, Jamaican-born activist, journalist, and orator

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