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Watching Nature Nurture: How to Enhance the Value of Your Nature Photography

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Love taking pictures? Welcome to the crowd. The Conversation, an academic journal, estimates one trillion photos were taken in 2018. For reference, a trillion is 1,000 times one billion. That is a lot of photos. How about you? How many photos do you have that have not yet found their special place?

Beth Gibson Lilja says she has thousands of print photos dating from childhood to 2005. Thereafter, Beth still has 50,000 family digital photos she has not yet added to her FOREVER® account, a digital storage program you own for life. Many of those photos feature nature.

Maybe it is time to share your nature photos glory with friends, family, clients, prospects, or others. Beth has been doing this for years and recommends that all her photo-taking friends give it a try.

With the help of FOREVER® Artisan, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Not only do the plaques grace her walls, she gives them to others, making wonderful gifts of the heart.

As Beth says, “Sure, we say we are running out of wall space. How about changing out those plaques and photos from Pier One Imports or Room & Board? Replace them with your own great photos. I am getting rid of things that aren’t my own design, except for the masters, like Jim Brandenburg.” Beth says by doing so you add great photos—but also great memories to your walls. “What a joy that is—especially as we spend more time at home during Covid-19. Surround yourself with wonderful memories and beautiful photos,” says Beth.

What else can FOREVER® Artisan software create? Besides cards and wall art, Artisan can produce calendars, books, T-shirts, family reunion shirts, puzzles, etc. Its capabilities are nearly unlimited.

Need help? Attend Beth’s virtual workshops, or enjoy individual coaching sessions. Beth loves assisting others to master these skills. In fact, her clients now send her cards they have made, which Beth scans and adds to her FOREVER® account. “I love seeing the progress my clients make,” says Beth.

If time is an issue, you can always hire Beth to make your own custom project, whether for you or a gift. Bottom line, now that you know the many ways your nature photos can enrich you or your friend’s life, think of that when you photograph nature. You will expand your horizons exponentially.

Let’s get started: 612-616-1215;


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