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Camp Cropuhapi: Friends, Fun, and Projects Done

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Camp Cropuhapi Project Retreat is the getaway where you’ll come away with great memories, new friends, and something accomplished

Add it to your bucket list for 2018: Camp Cropuhapi. Why not? Whether you’re a crafter, knitter or have a desk hidden under paperwork you dread, this event is for you. It’s a casual retreat where 20 or so friends and friends-to-be gather to get away from it all, laugh. and work on a craft, or those projects you never seem to find time to do.

Camp Cropuhapi started 20 years ago when Beth Gibson Lilja and a few friends wanted to devote a weekend together to do scrapbooking. Not only did they have a great time, they returned home with completed scrapbooks and that feeling of accomplishment from finishing a long-awaited project.

Word spread. Soon after, Beth was hosting two annual Camp Cropuhapi Retreats, one in the spring, one in fall. (For the curious, the camp is named after YMCA Camp Ihduhapi, their first retreat site, in honor of all the cropping that scrapbooking entails.)

Some things change; some things don’t. These days many attending no longer scrapbook. They bring needlework, digital photography, and even paperwork. Attendees come for a break from civilization, the great company, relaxation, and to complete or advance a project.

Camps run from Thursday, 1:00 PM, to Sunday, 3:00 PM, the spring version is held in Hinckley, Minn., and the fall, at a farm near Lester Prairie, Minn. It’s a jeans-and-t-shirts deal where attendees eat family style (or bring their own food, if they prefer) and even enjoy a professional massage. Through it all it’s a gab fest where laughs abound, and new friendships are forged. Some say the retreat is cheap therapy. As Beth says, “What’s said at Camp Cropuhapi, stays at Camp Cropuhapi.”

One thing for sure: attendees keep coming back. For example, Jenny McElyea has attended every year but one, when her daughter was born. Jenny likes the free flow of ideas, materials and advice, as well as making new friends. “It’s a great time to spend with friends and get a lot done,” Jenny says.

Participants enjoy it so much that one year when Beth couldn’t make it, the “regulars” hosted the event, so they could still attend. If you’d like to participate, details are in the registration form ( But hurry, both retreats fill up fast. So, what would you like to work on, or finally get done? Why not do it amongst friends, laughter, great food, and a “You Bet’cha” or two? That’s what Cropuhapi Project Retreat is all about.

Call or email us today. Let’s get started: 612-616-1215;

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