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March Happiness: Recall and Preserve Your Great Memories

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

March—When we’re sick of winter, but spring hasn’t sprung, and you don’t watch basketball. That makes March perfect for an activity that brings great joy: capturing memories.

Happy Memories=Better Mental Health

In fact, Meik Wiking, a global authority on happiness, espouses the value of happy memories. His two New York Times Bestsellers: The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke are available in 35 languages. In his The Art of Making Memories, Meik says happy memories are essential to our mental health. They strengthen our sense of identity and purpose and bond our relationships...

Christmas Tree Ornaments that Display Happiness

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I constantly pursue and preserve memories. Recently I realized all the memories my Christmas tree ornaments hold. I took photos of every single ornament, then preserved them in FOREVER®, the digital guaranteed storage system you own—not rent.

For example, a former boss, Stephanie, had a hand-made ornament made for us as a wedding gift. Sadly, Stephanie has passed—but now my memories of her live on each time I see that ornament. Another savored ornament was the first one I bought after Pat and I were married—our first Christmas together, 1995.

Memories Saved for Generations

Now those memories are here to stay—never to be lost in a photo album I can’t find. Likewise, easily shared with whomever I like, whenever I like, with FOREVER®.

Just one catch, unearthing family memories takes time. I recently lost an uncle and thought, “Did I capture all his great memories so they can be passed on and shared?”

Now, FOREVER® has a solution for that, too. They have added FOREVER® Family Research. This new feature does the research for you. FOREVER® has people in place globally, to research your ancestors. This is ideal for those who want their ancestors’ stories, but don’t have time to research, or dislike doing it.

Family Memories: Get Them While You Can

So, let’s vow to either make time to recall great memories and interview aging relatives while we still can, or have FOEVER® Family Research do it for us. Let’s resolve to bring more happiness and joy to our lives.

FREE Weekly Memory-Recollection Course

I’m also offering a free, weekly course entitled “My Past Your Future” for one full year to help you capture your memories. It’s 30 minutes every Saturday. Each week we write a story of a memory and add a relevant photo if possible. It’s a great way to get started on your route to a happier life. For details, check out our website at All sessions have been recorded; so, you can start at any time. Bring on the memories and happiness!

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