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A Mesmerizing Photo Display

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Financial Planner Promotes Business with Mesmerizing Photo Display

Mike Kobs, financial advisor, founder and CEO of MRK Financial Solutions, loves taking pictures. He’s got 40-years’ worth and 1,000-plus photos inspired by a camera he received for his 16th birthday. When he and his 10 employees moved to a new location ten years ago, employees documented the move and office renovation with photos galore. Then Mike had an idea: “I wanted something to tell the story of my 20-plus years in business, and to share it with clients and prospects.” Mike wanted to capture his business’ personality while relaying its credibility, stability and professionalism using a photo display.

Mike knew the project would require an expert. As he put it, “I needed an artist with a sense of beauty and organization who could transform my boxes of photos into a legacy I could proudly share and display. I simply did not have the artistic flair to do that. Beth, however, does.”

So, Mike contacted Beth Gibson Lilja, Certified Personal Photo Organizer. “I gave her the photos and said, ‘HELP.’”

Even with those threadbare instructions and 300 photos, Beth embraced the project as she sought out photos and a format that would best depict Mike’s business and life. As Beth says, “After 20-some years’ experience creating photo legacies for many people and occasions, nothing overwhelms me.”

Mike’s trust in her allowed Beth’s creative juices to flow immediately. “When you’re allowed creative freedom, you can do a better job. As a professional, I look for ways to do something in a new and different way. Something a client wouldn’t be familiar with…something unique. Inevitably, they’re dazzled with the results,” says Beth.

While Beth knew Mike, she has developed a questionnaire for new clients. This allows Beth to capture the essence of her client and reflect that in a project that delights and inspires.

Mike certainly fits that bill. As he said, “The album was perfect. I get so many positive comments about it, and prospects gain an immediate sense of my business. It builds trust. Needless-to-say, I’m thrilled with Beth’s work.”

And Beth is thrilled that her product not only pleased Mike but has served as an effective promotional tool for his business, as well.

If you have a special project for your photos, but don’t know where to start, call Beth 612.616.1215. She’ll turn your photo dilemma into a delight.

Call or email us today. Let’s get started: 612-616-1215;

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