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Holidays with Guaranteed-Safe Photo Storage

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It’s September and ready or not, here come the holidays—and a picture-taking extravaganza. How will you preserve your celebrations and memories? How about a photo system that GUARANTEES your photos are private and safe for your lifetime plus 100 years? Seriously. There is one: FOREVER® Guaranteed Storage.

I recommend FOREVER®, and now’s the perfect time to try it—before the holidays.

Here’s why: FOREVER® Guaranteed Storage provides:

  • Permanence

  • Privacy

  • Full Resolution

  • Ownership

  • Ease of Use

What happens in typical cloud storage systems:


Your photos get used and “borrowed.” Yes. Your stored photos may be data-mined and sold to advertisers and nosy companies. In essence, your data is no longer private. In fact, this holds true even for the photos on your phone.


Next, have photos ever disappeared from your phone or storage? It happens. Did you know there’s no guarantee your photos won’t get lost or stolen by hackers? True.

THE SOLUTION: FOREVER® Guaranteed Storage

FOREVER® Storage is unlike anything else available.

A) You buy your storage—not rent it. So, you OWN full rights to your images. Nobody else can view or use them—other than those you grant permission to. FOREVER® will never sell your data or images.

B) Guaranteed preservation. FOREVER® actually guarantees the safety of your photos for a lifetime plus 100 years. So, you pay once (unless you need more storage), and your photos are protected for life+.

C) FOREVER® can guarantee your photos’ preservation because, like insurance companies or endowment funds, FOREVER® has a ground-breaking Guarantee Fund. Funds are restricted and invested solely to support the ongoing preservation of your memories. It’s like endowment funds that ensure continued operations.

D) Full resolution. Digital formats change with time. To preserve your photos for continued full resolution, images must be updated. FOREVER® does this for the life of your photos. No more discovering that photos you saved in the cloud or elsewhere can no longer be opened. Talk about a big loss.

E) Ease of use. FOREVER® lets you save your images quickly and safely wherever you are. You can upload your photos from anywhere, organize into albums and tags and easily place them into high-quality printed photo books. Collaborative albums are a great feature that multiple people can upload during events – class reunions, trips, family reunions, company events, etc.

F) Multiple formats. FOREVER® Storage also holds videos, PDFs, and audio.

FOREVER® is not just for families. This unique system is also ideal for businesses and organizations to preserve their histories. Right now my BGL & Associates, LLC team and I are working to preserve a corporate history in FOREVER®, as well as a 100+-year old organization. Once completed, these organizations can easily find and share the photos that document the organization's history. Likewise, they can easily create printed books for members, employees, retirees and more.

FOREVER® accounts would also be perfect for:

  • Realtors

  • Historical Societies

  • Membership Organizations

  • Estate-planning Attorneys

  • Credit Unions

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Humane Societies

  • Remodelers and Contractors (Imagine all those "before-and-after" photos.)

  • Sports Team

  • Musical Group

  • And the list goes on…

Whether for you, your family or an organization, make this the year you secure guaranteed protection for your photos and precious memories. Create a photo legacy guaranteed for life.

Need more information? Contact us at Then, enjoy taking pictures knowing they will be safe and preserved for your lifetime and generations to come.


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