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Stones Between My Toes

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

“Taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of others”—Harvey Mackay

Quick: When’s the last time you did something just for YOU? Remember: When we don’t nurture ourselves, we ultimately have nothing for others. So, in May—Mother’s Day month, and my birthday month—let’s consider how we care for ourselves.

First, accept that self-care is NOT selfish. Instead, think of self-care like the gas or EV charge that runs your car. Without it—you won’t get far.

Schedule it in Your Calendar

In my “Organizing Life A-Z” presentation, the letter “M” stands for “make time for yourself.” I do, and so should you. I schedule it into my calendar and there’s no deleting it. It’s essential, because if we don’t take time for ourselves, someone else will take your time. Don’t let them.

I have five self-care essentials that nobody—but nobody—interferes with:

  1. Manicure (twice a month)

  2. Pedicure (monthly—using purple nail polish to match my BGL logo)

  3. Facial

  4. Massage (hot stone massage—80 minutes; shiatsu massage, too.)

  5. Chiropractic care

The Afterglow

These activities send me soaring. After a massage I am totally energized and ready to conquer my next challenge. Also, my mind wanders during massages. In fact, I created one client program lying on a massage table. Self-care provides the energy you need to get things done.

To Each Their Own

This is not to say that you must do these things. Just make time for whatever rejuvenates you. Maybe it’s four hours at the library, or a walk around Lake Nokomis, or a meditation app, or a comedy club, or…. anything just for YOU that interrupts your daily routine and reserves time for you.

Bottom line: If you’re not taking care of yourself—who’s going to? Life is short! May is a great month to start your self-care routine. Enjoy your time with YOU!

PS: The “Stones Between My Toes” refers to the favorite part of my hot stone massage. Hot stones are actually placed between my toes. LOVE it!!


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