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How to Make Play Out of Work

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Work made fun, and your photos made safe—for your lifetime, plus...

Did you take my advice after last month’s blog and go on vacation? Remember? Vacations renew, refresh, and energize. Not to mention fun, of course. This month you’re back to work. So, let’s discuss another way to achieve those attributes for work: conferences. Recently I attended the FOREVER® Live! conference in Denver. It accomplished all those vacation ideals, and more.

Whatever your profession, don't skip its annual conference. They're educational, entertaining, relationship-building and fun. As a professional photo manager, I don’t miss this annual conference. It’s equal to a “round-the-world” vacation, but for business. Every minute is learning-made-fun.

FOREVER® began as a cloud-based storage system for your photos and keepsakes. You buy and own the storage—not rent it. FOREVER® guarantees it will preserve your digitized photos for your lifetime, plus 100 years with its FOREVER® Guarantee. It is triple backed-up and completely secure. It’s very different from Big Tech photo storage with their data mining and selling, ads and no guarantees.

FOREVER® now also offers photo products and genealogy. It’s perfect for building the photos, videos, and life stories of your family legacy. It’s also designed so you can share online with friends and family.

Each year that I attend the FOREVER® Live! conference, I make new friends and nurture the old. For me, it's priceless to build that cadre of colleagues. We swap ideas, brainstorm, assist and celebrate. I’ve never sensed a competitive mindset—only collaborative. It’s the “a rising tide raises all boats” philosophy. We share ideas and stories. It’s as fun as it is affirming.

Next, the sessions and seminars are jam-packed with ideas and new options for success. Keynote speaker Brian K. McNeill enthralled us with great sales techniques.

Brian reminded us that you don’t sell people anything. You understand their needs, first. Then, based on those, determine if you have an opportunity that could help them. The old hard-sell approach is now ancient history—or should be.

FOREVER® is a direct sales company, and this business model has served me well for over 25 years. I like the opportunities, freedom, and financial rewards. I prefer it, by far, to the corporate world. There are many rewards to being your own boss.

Direct sales companies, at least those I work with, tend to be generous with incentives. This year, several FOREVER® Ambassadors were rewarded with a free incentive trip to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. We even rode the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. This day-long adventure left me exuberant. The perfect way to end a conference. There are definitely many more incentives with FOREVER®.

Like all conferences, FOREVER® Live! has a theme. This year it was back to the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. “Peace, Love and Party.” It included a gala with dinner and dancing. FOREVER® founder Glen Meakem joined us. His hippie costume included long hair, bell-bottom jeans and all the appropriate accessories. As always, it was great fun.

Perhaps I’m biased because Glen asked me to serve as a beta tester when he began FOREVER® in 2014. I was honored, of course, but knew Glen was onto something big. What this company is now, is based on much input from photo managers. Smart move on Glen’s part.

If you’d like to learn more about FOREVER® or become your own boss as a FOREVER® Ambassador, please contact me. I’m happy to share the details of what it takes to succeed in helping others preserve to their precious memories and legacy with FOREVER®.

Or, if you’d like to store your photos with FOREVER®, I’ll be happy to help you.

Whatever photos you took this summer, now’s the perfect time to think about lifetime-plus photo storage. The legacy you save will be your own.


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