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Hot Summer Days? Try Designing with FOREVER® Artisan® 6 Software—Indoors, of Course

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Interested in digital design? Before you get carpel tunnel scrolling Google, consider how to choose design software and storage best suited to your needs. No surprise to friends and BGL & Associates, LLC clients, I’m a huge fan of FOREVER® Artisan® 6 design software.

Design Options

As people switch from buying art to creating it, they want a versatile digital design tool, beyond scrapbooks or photo books. I create a myriad of artwork with Artisan® 6.

I design calendars, photos, photo mugs, wall hangings, and so much more. Artisan® can also create tabletop panels, ornaments, canvas, acrylic and metal panels, cards, postcards, Facebook timeline covers, plaques, posters, and newsletters. With all these options, no wonder my walls feature my art—not purchased art. With Artisan®, I’m an artist, too.


Artisan®’s customization capabilities are legendary. In fact, Top Ten Reviews named FOREVER® Artisan® 6 “Best Scrapbooking Software for Customization” in 2021. For your own unique look, look to Artisan®. But for time crunches, Artisan® has a dizzying array of templates, too.

Design Mobility

I want design software installed on my computer so when I lack Internet access, like when flying, I can pull out my laptop and design away. In fact, in a three-hour flight, I can create a photo book from start to finish. And Artisan® software licenses two computers. I work at home and the office using an external hard drive. And when the Internet is down, Artisan® is up.

Ease of Use

There is sophisticated design software—if you can figure it out. Artisan® software is robust and has a learning curve, but it’s intuitive and relatively easy to master. That’s good because I prefer designing to learning how to design. But, when you need help, Artisan® offers many options, and I’m always eager to assist. Many of my workshops and events include time for help or are focused on learning design. The better you get, the more fun you have.

One and Done

I also like that Artisan® 6 is purchased—a one-time fee. Updates are free. (You can purchase upgrades when available.) That’s a HUGE savings over rented Internet design software. With Artisan®, one payment and you’re set.

Bargain Time

Of course, I love bargains, and Artisan® 6 is famous for promotions—up to 50 percent off. I design away, but don’t print until FOREVER® offers a promotion. Then I print for less.


It's buyer beware with cloud storage. Many services claim rights to your property—in the fine print. Likewise, your storage is only as safe as the service is reliable. According to a story in The Atlantic* magazine: “...there’s no guarantee that the sites and programs they [people] use [to preserve their photos] will still exist in the long term, raising the question of how parents can ensure that all the photos they’ve taken will actually be around long enough for their kids to truly appreciate them.” (Sounds like the author did not know about FOREVER Guaranteed Storage®.)

When you buy FOREVER Guaranteed Storage®, you own your storage. It’s guaranteed for your life plus 100 years. In addition, many design companies print your books—but don’t save them. And often you can’t even download JPEGs of your work or components.

So, too hot for the outdoors? Now’s the perfect time to design works of heart indoors. As always, PLEASE call me if you’d like more information. WARNING: I do get carried away when I talk about FOREVER Guaranteed Storage® and Artisan®.

Ready to give it a try? Call or email us today; let’s get started: (612) 616-1215;


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