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Camera Phone or DSLR Camera: What's Right for You?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

June 29th is coming up and it’s a big day for photo lovers. It’s National Camera Day. Cameras bring to mind several things: phone cameras, cameras, and memory preservation via photos. (See our May newsletter story for more on photo preservation.) Now let’s focus on cameras—fancy or phone—and what they do: capture your precious memories and/or create art.

Since my junior high days, I’ve had 10 or so cameras. These days I’m loving my phone camera. I discover more capabilities each week. It’s generated many a photo book, greeting card, canvas, and so much more. Yet I still wonder: Should I upgrade to a new camera? It’s a hot topic.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera or Phone Camera?

It’s really not a tough question. Here are the considerations:

  1. What is your camera for? Why do you take photos? For art? For fun?

  2. Have you studied your phone’s camera capabilities? It may do things you desire without buying a camera. So, learn what your phone can do before you opt for a camera.

  3. Consider this from Chrisostomos Kamberis of “If you get outside to shoot, and not just shoot when you happen to be out, then a camera will surely help you to evolve as a photographer.”

On the other hand, if you’re happy with your photos and don’t ponder, “I wish my phone could do this or that,” then your phone camera may be just right for you.

DSLR Cameras

Next, today’s cameras have a learning curve. If you’re not willing to study your camera and master its capabilities, stick with your phone. Save the money for a trip, instead.

But if you shoot a waterfall and wish you could “freeze” the water, or achieve amazing effects that cameras create, or want to capture wider images—you may be secretly yearning for a camera. Want to shoot the stars at night—or the Northern Lights? Then you want a camera with the right lens and options. Want a selfie with your two best friends? Your phone can do it fast, but a camera with a tripod may create a photo keepsake your friends display—and savor—for years to come.

According to Chrisostomos, the benefits come to this:

Phone: Portability, ease of use, connectivity

Camera: Low-light and fast object capabilities, choice of focal length (view), aperture (speed) and great ergonomics

Specifically, DSLR Cameras Offer:

  1. Better zoom capabilities

  2. Options that enhance self-expression

  3. An array of nighttime shooting capabilities

  4. Longer battery life between charges

  5. Wider angles (with appropriate lens)

  6. Clearer pictures

  7. Many, many more custom settings

  8. Numerous lens and filter options

Still not sure? Check out the numerous links below to buying a camera or choosing between phone or camera.

Whether you shoot from a phone camera or a DSLR, photography and creating lasting memories is a passion that provides a lifetime of joy.

Happy picture taking, all.


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