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Turn Your Passion into Summer (and Beyond) Income

Summer’s here. For people passionate about photography and making and preserving memories, it means several things:

  1. Are you documenting your travels and events to share with family and friends?

  2. Do you have a photo preservation system that guarantees its safety and security for your lifetime and another generation?

  3. Can you quickly share your experiences with anyone, anywhere and anytime?

  4. Want to earn residual income with FOREVER®? (A permanent digital home that you own for photos and documents. It features the above benefits and much more.)

School’s Out; Vacation’s In

Summer also means schools out, vacations reign, and travel rules. There are road trips with friends, or overseas adventures. Sometimes you raid your piggy bank. If you’d like a fun and flexible way to replenish your bank, I have an idea for you.

How to Have Fun and Gain Extra Income

FOREVER® isn’t just about preserving your memories. FOREVER® also provides an income opportunity. Help others enjoy FOREVER® and boost your income as a FOREVER® Ambassador.

All the Fun; None of the Risk

Ambassadorship involves one-on-one sales and can have many opportunities. But it does not require the huge financial investment typical of direct sales. So, you get all the fun without the risk. And there’s FREE training and support. All Ambassadors have a mentor to help you succeed. And FOREVER®’s free certification program offers training to help you reach your goals. FOREVER® makes it easy.

Free Mentoring

All ambassadors work with a mentor. I’ve been a mentor with the company for nearly 10 years. I coach Ambassadors across the country and relish helping them succeed. I love FOREVER® because there are no minimum sales requirements. You can do as little or as much as you like, with help every step of the way.

Be Your Own Boss

Of course, FOREVER® has no minimum work requirements. So, you work when you want, however much you want. But those who work hard may enjoy great rewards including free travel. It’s all up to you.

Are you intrigued? Want to learn more? Please contact me. I’d love to share more about what FOREVER® can do for you. Make this a fun, FOREVER® summer to remember. You’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain. Happy memory-making.


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