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Life Made Easy: Beth, the Checklist Queen

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It’s 6:00 AM. Do you know what and where your day will be? How about your week? Month? Year? How about four years out? If you’re Beth Gibson Lilja, it’s not only on a list, it’s in tasks and long-range projects, and they are even backed-up in her FOREVER® Account. Beth, you see, has a system for every detail and big-picture project in her life! Call it supreme organization, or call it obsessive-compulsive. Whatever you call it, Beth calls it “done!” In other words, meet someone whose fail-safe systems ensure that NOTHING falls through the cracks.

How does that happen? Beth has a symbiotic relationship with Outlook Office 365 Tasks. She takes care of it, and it takes care of her. Back in 1992, Beth realized that a single system which tracks everything she needs to do in her personal and professional lives would not only make life easier, it would make her happier.

It also makes friends and clients happier, because she has every friend’s and client’s anniversary and birthday included in her Outlook Office 365 Tasks system. That means Beth acknowledges special occasions, while so many others snap their fingers saying, “Whoops. Last week was so-and-so’s birthday—and I forgot it.” So, Beth makes friends and clients feel special—always. In addition, this system reminds Beth of upcoming deadlines years, months, weeks and days ahead of time. Then, it refers her to the checklist of items needing completion to make it happen.

How does it work? Beth has a calendar and a task list. For example, some of her tasks include: “New Client,” “Vendors,” “Business,” “Christmas,” “Halloween Party,” “Cari” (her beloved dog), “Vacations” and many more. They are all color coded. Cari is yellow, Business is purple, Halloween Party is orange, etc. Color coding makes spotting a task simple. Meanwhile, each task subdivides into “to-do” checklists with timelines. Not only does Beth know what to do, but when.

As Beth says, “I create tasks for everything. Everything about my life is on that list, right down to toothbrush change-out (monthly) to watering plants (weekly). In fact, my passport expires in 2024. It’s already on the list. How else do you remember things that far out? Quite simply, I can’t live without my task list.”

Beth acknowledges that some separate their professional lists from their personal lists. She, however, feels that it all boils down to things she needs to do—and to have it all together ensures nothing is missed. Even charitable contribution to-dos are on her task list, ensuring she does not overlook financial support of causes she loves. Best of all, if Beth misses a listed deadline, it appears in red so she can act quickly if something is overlooked.

Setting up an Outlook Office 365 Tasks program does take time, thought and preparation. If that thought is daunting to you, guess what: Beth also assists people with the Tasks program set up. She’ll walk you right through the process. Then, she’ll coach you on how to maintain your system. Imagine: your life organized and your stress-level tamed. How’s a life like that looking to you?

To learn more, contact Beth at (612) 616-1215 or Then, enjoy a big sigh of relief!

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