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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi, I’m Beth Gibson Lilja and for 20-plus years I’ve helped people make and preserve great memories to better their lives. I do this by helping people protect and showcase their photography. I also guide direct sales and small business entrepreneurs to make great memories by enhancing their businesses. I’ve known innately that good memories improve people’s lives. And now, exciting research proves this.

In 2014, three Rutgers University researchers conducted studies on positive memories, involving MRI brain scans. Results were published in the prestigious scientific journal, Neuron. They found that “…positive memories increase one’s positive emotion and engages reward-related neural circuitry, such as the striatum and medial prefrontal cortex. One implication… is that reminiscing about positive experiences is intrinsically valuable to an individual.”

So now science has made it official: Our precious memories aren’t just fun—they support our emotional health. I felt this back as an eight-year-old when I created my first 4-H scrapbook, and I’ve been committed to it ever since. It became my career in 1996. And I’ve seen the joy and awe people experience when I help them.

For some, it’s simply organizing piles and piles of photos, preparing them for keepsakes. For others, it’s presenting them with a unique heirloom-quality photo album, book or display that becomes a family treasure and legacy. For all, it’s an easily accessed collection of photos and mementos that induce smiles and positive feelings each time we view them. And now we know these positive memories affect our brains for the better.

How about you? What are you doing to make and safe-keep your treasured memories? Do you take time to frequently review your photos and savor the joy they bring? Or, like so many of us, are your life’s milestones captured in photos that are deteriorating in a box? Why not corral their joy and enhance your life?

These days, I think of the California fires, the homes burned down and with them, priceless photos. Fortunately, photo organization systems ensure back-ups so your treasures can be restored. But without that, when such photos are gone—they’re gone for good (or bad).

Isn’t it time to benefit from your photography? My photo services range from basic organizing and plans for preservation, to breathtaking books and albums. From photo audits and systems, to drop-dead gorgeous displays, I’ve got you covered.

And for direct sales and small business entrepreneurs wanting help with their businesses, my award-winning direct sales career has given me the skills needed to quickly identify your needs and create a plan to meet them. Ready to create memories of a burgeoning business? I’m ready to help you.

My business entails more than this, so stay tuned for future blogs about my events and event planning, public speaking, office organizing and more. It’s all about “Inspiring you to showcase the best in life.”

Call or email me today. Let’s get started: 612-616-1215,

Inspiring you to showcase the best in life!

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