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Gifts that Keep on Giving

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In this season of giving—and receiving—sometimes we forget to be grateful for the many things we have in life—that aren’t necessarily physical “things.” In fact, it’s life’s intangibles that contribute immeasurable joy to our lives.

So during this hectic season, take a few moments to relax and consider the wonderful things in your life that make it so precious.

Here is my G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L list. I hope you’ll create your own and note the warmth you’ll feel as you recall these glorious things.

G – Growing up in a small town

R – Relationships, personal and professional

A – Achieving success with my business

T – Travel opportunities

E – Enthusiastic team members to mentor and to coach

F – 4-H membership

U – Unending learning opportunities

L – Loves of my life….Pat and Cari

Wishing you the most joyous and blessed holiday season ever!

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