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Get Ready for July 15: “Give Something Away Day”

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

What a perfect time to participate in Give Something Away Day. Between the Covid-19 Pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the need to assist others hasn’t been this great in decades. But, of course, you don’t have to wait until July 15th to offer kindness or goods to others. Three great resources for donating food or money to aid organizations and food shelves are:

But if you wish to combine de-cluttering with doing good on July 15th, this is the perfect year. So plan now. First, choose your items. Start by checking for duplicates in your household. Too many towels? Animal shelters need them. Duplicate kitchen items? Make use of the Bridging donor resource list below. Same too, for clothing, toys, books, bikes, and baby gear in good condition.

How about that artwork we mentioned last month that you’re replacing with your own photo art? Add those to your “give-away” tubs/boxes. Then there are those items you’ve grown bored with. It’s time to make them new for someone else. Don’t forget those overstuffed drawers filled with things you don’t use. And how about those things that fall on your head when you open the closet? Save your head. Lighten your load. Admit it….you don’t use them, either.

And speaking of closets, have you ever asked yourself: “Just how much clothing do I REALLY need? Is there someone who could use my seldom-worn clothes and wear them more than I do?” Maybe this is the year to make your clothes closet breezier while making life breezier for someone who can’t afford new clothing.

Of course, you don’t have to just give away “things.” How about our seniors in assisted living or long-term care? If ever there were a year they could use cheer, this is it. How about re-making old cards to give to residents at a facility? You don’t have to know them to inspire mile-wide smiles.

Minnehaha Senior Living is one example of a residence accepting cards. According to staff there, “We’ve been getting cards with words of encouragement for our residents. They really appreciate it and say these cards ‘make their day.’ We see lots of smiles when residents open them—even though they are from strangers.” So far, the facility has received 30 cards, and would welcome many more. Send cards to: Minnehaha Senior Living in south Minneapolis. 3733 23rd Ave. South, Mpls, 55407—c/o Attn. Front Desk. Even better: hold a socially distanced gathering of friends and family and create a box full of cards. Just think of those smiles…You won’t just give something away; you will give great joy.

Probably most senior facilities would welcome them. Here’s a list of great facilities to get you started: Give them a call today.

Likewise, do you have an elderly neighbor? Imagine how a bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden would warm their heart. Leave them at their doorstep with a note. Call and let them know.

Or, does their garden need tending, but the heat interferes? Imagine their delight after you’ve watered their plants and pulled a few weeds! Get your kids or neighbors involved in that one, if possible.

Perhaps you have a neighbor who lost their job during Covid-19. Imagine how welcomed a bag of groceries might be—or fresh produce from the Farmers Market. Talk about a day-brightener. Talk about relieving food insecurity.

Have you gone digital with scrapbooking or photo albums? St. Francis House in Sioux Falls, SD, which we recently profiled, would love extra hard-copy albums and scrapbooking materials.

One of Beth Gibson Lilja’s favorites is “Wow-‘em Wednesdays.” Beth loves to see smiles in the fast-food drive-thru lane when she pays for the meal ordered in the car behind her. She doesn’t know them. It’s just a nice way to pay it forward (or backwards).

Whatever the case, undoubtedly, this is a year of exceeding need, and you may be in a position to help. Bring help and joy to those in need—and to yourself. Give whatever you can to others and organizations soon. While the food is gobbled down quickly, your feeling of goodness will last for years.

Call or email us today: (612) 616-1215;


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