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Could Coaching from Beth Gibson Lilja Help You?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Beth Verdun shared in an interview for the December 2020 Getting Organized Now! newsletter how Beth Gibson Lilja’s coaching assisted her. Have you, too, ever considered how coaching could help you and, if so, how? Today, we take the mystery out of coaching with Beth: What coaching can do, and if it would work for you.

First of all, know that Beth’s mission in life is to help others succeed. She thrives on the smiles clients show as they grow their businesses, solve challenges and do things better.

Beth has been that way for years. For example, in 1996 Beth joined Minnesota Federation of Business and Professional Women. She loved the camaraderie but thrived on helping others. Soon she was president of the statewide organization.

She developed a philosophy and coined a phrase: “Dare to DREAM.”

Dare to….

DDedicate Yourself to Your Mission

RRealize Your Potential

EEncourage Others

AAchieve Success

MMake it Happen

That became the foundation for her presidency as well as her business and her life. While she will certainly help men, her clients so far have been women. “It’s all about women helping women,” says Beth. “It’s an amazing feeling to know I have helped another woman grow and succeed. It’s what I live for.” And DREAM is the foundation for her coaching clients.

Requirements? Be True to Yourself

Beth’s coaching clients like that she begins exactly where they are at. Whether it is just a thought, “Could I possibly have my own business,” or problem-solving with a long-time business owner, Beth starts her clients where they are. The requirement? Accepting that all you do personally and professionally depends upon your value system. Honest introspection is helpful—and healthy. “Wherever you are, I will meet you there,” says Beth.

Where to Begin?

There is no situation too basic or too complex for Beth. It is all about understanding a client’s needs and dreams and then taking them to the next level and next level, until they achieve their goals. She asks clients to be truthful. For example: Is your goal something you have wanted, or another has wanted for you? It is that gut feeling and honesty that opens hearts and minds to success and happiness.

The Coaching Process

In the first session Beth elicits what clients want and/or need. Beth asks qualifying questions. Sometimes clients realize they want something other than what they originally thought. That becomes the starting point.

Each month Beth asks what is wrong; what’s right. “I listen...but never judge. I ask clarifying questions. I may counter assumptions, and we reach new realizations. Then I declare--’I think I hear a goal in what you’ve just said.’ From there we set that goal.

For some clients, it is skills to build efficiency like using Outlook 365 Tasks or schedule blocking. For others, it is establishing starting goals or next-step goals. For still others, it is defining a cherished niche and how to build and “own” that niche. Some clients want skills on building exceptional relationships with clients. The list goes on...


Beth records each session for the client, along with a post-session summary and goals. “Do we always complete our homework? No. I know that sometimes life gets in the way of life. That is understandable. We move on,” says Beth.

Next Steps

Beth’s process builds confidence, clarity, and a mission. It is all about realizing potential and building steps to reach goals. The ultimate goal: Help each client succeed.

How About You?

Is coaching right for everybody? Not necessarily. Here are questions to ask yourself.

Is my business where I want it to be?

  1. Is my life where I want it to be?

  2. Do I want to learn more about myself and my business?

  3. Am I willing to be open and honest about myself and with myself?

  4. Can I do homework? Am I willing to commit time and do the work?

  5. Am I open to new ideas and new ways?

  6. Am I willing to “Dare to DREAM?”

If you are intrigued, contact Beth, founder of BGL & Associates, for a complimentary call. What a great way to start 2021.


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