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Building Better Client Relationships

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

How to develop and track knowledge you need to succeed

For small business owners, client relations can determine your fate. Every single thing you learn about a client matters because client knowledge builds bridges.

In fact, legendary business guru Harvey Mackay developed an information sheet for each client, the McKay66. It includes 66 vital pieces of information categorized by:

  • business

  • education

  • family

  • special interests

  • lifestyle

  • client assessment

From knowing family members’ names and birthdays, to favorite vacation spots, to company details and more, it all matters. Here’s MacKay’s piece of business gold — and it’s free.

How to Manage Your Client Information and Skip CRM Chaos

Now that you’ve got the intel, the challenge is how to make it work for you. If you’re like me, you’ve been nearly terrorized by complicated Client Relationship Management systems. Have you also wondered: “What good is a system that’s too difficult to learn, or too time-consuming to use?”

LACRM: Less Annoying Client Relationship Management

Not long ago, I finally found a CRM that’s easy, customizable, has great client assistance and much more. It’s LACRM. It’s a vital tool for BGL & Associates. Maybe you, too?

LACRM Business-Saving Sampling: Notes and reminders in one place, easily customized with simple reporting.

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Mobile access

  • Pipeline management

  • Highest-rated support team

This business-saving CRM may be what you’ve wanted—but could not find. Interested? Click here (*

I hope today’s tips bring you closer to meeting your 2023 goals. If you need help, my business coaching is eager to see that you do succeed. Contact us today.

*Disclosure: From time to time, we recommend products and services that may help with your organization projects. Please note that such recommendations are from personal experience and from our belief that they may be valuable to you, our website viewers and clients. Website links on this Resource Page are affiliate links and if you click through the link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission or a referral bonus.


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