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Which Digital Emergencies Are You Prepared to Handle?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As part of your estate planning, why not take it a step further and plan for digital disasters or loss?


So, you are backed-up on iCloud or whatever. Be aware that this does not always go as expected. Consider Emily’s photo loss—when she thought all was well:

“I recently endured a pretty traumatic experience for a mom; after my computer started glitching I was told I needed to wipe the hard drive and send it in for the warranty replacement. I backed everything up to an external hard drive and Dropbox, thinking I was being extra careful since it was my entire hard drive! After I received my new computer, I went on to find that all the files on my external disk had saved as shortcut files, essentially leading nowhere, and my Dropbox files saved as link files. So, basically, after much inquisition, consultation, and tears, I surrendered to the notion that I had in fact, not actually saved my backup anywhere.” --Emily

FOREVER®: The ultimate photo, video, and document digital storage system

If that scenario could be you, check Beth’s information on FOREVER® digital storage. FOREVER® is a unique digital storage system which you buy and own for your entire life, plus 100 years. The only time you pay again is if you need additional storage. There is no data mining, no selling of personal data, no advertising and absolutely no use of your photos or videos by anyone other than you.

Stored contents are guaranteed secure with a triple back-up plan and an endowment fund to ensure data security for generations to come. FOREVER® is also ideal for backing up all your essential documents from wills to passwords to any vital document that should be backed up and accessible.

For example: Beth’s mom moved to a retirement community. The facility required her mom’s Health Care Directive be on file. All Beth needed to do was access the document from her online FOREVER® account and forward it to the campus manager. No hunting through her mom's stuff or safety deposit box. Beth did it all in under a minute. How is that for convenience?

Beth, in fact, was a FOREVER® beta tester and now FOREVER® is one of her preferred photo management vendors. If you would like the safety, security, privacy, and simplicity of a FOREVER® account, contact Beth.


Losing a phone is a critical issue. Consumer Reports suggest planning ahead for loss with five tactics:

  1. Use a 7-digit or longer screen lock password. It is more secure.

  2. Use a “Find My Phone” app. Find one with an Activations Lock which prevents anyone from using your wiped-clean phone without your iTunes ID and password. Note that sophisticated hackers may still succeed...but it is generally added security.

  3. Attach a small note to your phone with your secondary email address or work phone. An honest person can reach you. Dishonest people cannot harass you on your primary phone or email.

  4. Back up your photos and videos.

  5. Record your phone's unique ID number

Smart phones have a serial number, MEI or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier). Police request this if your phone is stolen. Save this number with your vital documents.

Did your To-Do List just get longer? That is good, you’ll be better prepared. For still more ideas on planning and preparedness, check out Beth’s previous blogs on related topics.

Then, breathe a sigh of relief:

  1. Organization A-Z:

  2. Disaster Preparedness:

  3. Homeowner Catastrophes:

  4. Identity Theft:

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