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Personal Jigsaw Puzzles: Your New Year Reward System

Last month I suggested you thank yourself at Thanksgiving. And this month, how about you reward yourself, too? Today I’m sharing a fun way I reward myself, and why: jigsaw puzzles. Yes. Working on and completing jigsaw puzzles offers rewards galore.

Here’s why:

Puzzles as Brain Boosters

According to Bluekazoo, jigsaw puzzles work both the right and left brain sides. They also boost IQ, memory retention and more. What’s not to love about that?

Most recently I completed a 1,500-piece puzzle. Even working on just a couple pieces is rewarding. There’s the anticipation of completing it, but each piece I place is a victory. So, working on a jigsaw puzzle is actually many opportunities for feeling good. What’s not to love about that? In my last puzzle—1,500 feel-good moments.

Reward Yourself: Don’t Leave Self Care to Chance

It’s all about taking good care of myself. I don’t leave that to chance—nor should you. I’ve already scheduled my 2024 manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. You can always change the dates, but only if you’ve scheduled them. Remember, if you don’t schedule your time, someone else will—and not necessarily what’s best for you. Don’t leave rewarding yourself to happenstance.

Your Own Personal Jigsaw Puzzle

The best news is that there’s a new opportunity for puzzle rewards with FOREVER®. My puzzles include nature scenes and much more. But now, you can convert your most treasured photo(s) into your own jigsaw puzzle, with FOREVER®. Whether it’s your family portrait or a trip to Walt Disney World—or whatever is your favorite place—now you can treasure that great memory as a jigsaw puzzle. Imagine the joy. Imagine the fun. Rewarding in so many ways.

Start easy. Make a puzzle with larger pieces. Then, work your way to 1,500 pieces, savoring every personal puzzle piece along the way.

Make It Happen

If this tempts you—a new way to reward yourself in the New Year—please contact us. Our BGL & Associates, LLC Team can do it for you or help guide you through the process. Either way, think lots of fun, smiles, and rewards in 2024!

Happy Holidays and get ready for your best New Year ever—with planned rewards!

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